Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Talented People

On Line classes, that was something that use to scary me, first because my English is not fluent, second because I don't have to much computer knowledge. Well a very creative and business smart woman knowing that many people like me are scare of what they don't know, decide to post for free a online class and be available for any question you could have, I am talking about Lisa Misa and Her adorable Sam.

Sam by Linda Misa

The class is so easy because you have the pattern that you download at your computer, the explanation step by step with many pictures, and best of anything you have Her online available for any questions, please visit Her place and take a look. Linda is a unbelievable talented artist living in Tasmania, Her dolls have the most beautiful faces, She knows like nobody else to give the dolls expressions that make Her dolls unique.

For My Children by Linda Misa

You can learn more about Linda in :

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